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London - If you believe the image portrayed in both the media and in cinemas (Confessions Of A Shopaholic, anyone?), addiction to spending is a solely female affliction.

But the tale of Buzz Bissinger, a US author who has revealed an addiction to Gucci clothing, has shed light on what a damaging effect the disorder can have on men.

Writing in GQ, Bissinger admits to having spent £420 000 on Gucci outfits in just three years.

The author of Friday Night Lights, a novel that spawned a movie and a TV series, spent so much that he was flown to Milan to see collections.

“I see a black leather biker jacket I know I must have,” he said. “Even though I already own 15 jackets of similar style.”

A 2006 study suggested that compulsive buying affected up to six percent of Americans.

Last week, the academic Professor Ronald J Faber told The Atlantic there appeared to be little difference between genders when it came to levels of compulsive shopping.

Bissinger is, happily, receiving treatment, which can vary from 12-step programmes to drug therapy. - The Independent

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