Hijab styles for Eid. Picture: Supplied

Muslim families are preparing to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, marking the first day of Shawwal, after the month of Ramadan

Eid is also the time of year where muslims don their gorgeous outfits for the evening as they break they fast with their families and close friends, which is a thought shared by these Muslim fashion bloggers. 

Amber Kaz

American style blogger Amber Kaz explained to Buzzfeed what Ramadan and Eid meant to her, on a spiritual and a stylish level. "Ramadan is opportunity to look within yourself and find new ways to grow. So for me, Eid is a great way to sport new cuts and colors that I normally don't", Kaz explained. 

"This year, I decided to rid myself completely of my usual black-on-black and let the structure of the pieces create a contemporary, Solange-inspired look. The top has dramatic flared sleeves and a modest fit, and the DIY cut-out bottoms maintain that same sense of flow."


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Melanie Ertuk

For blogger Melanie Ertuk, Eid means for her to celebrate and count the blessings that she receives. 

"Eid is all about celebrating a beautiful month filled with blessings and there's no better way to celebrate than with a skirt that's grand and opulent."

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Aqeelah Harron - Ally

Well-known Cape Town based fashion blogger Aqeelah Harron-Ally is always up to date with her fashion tips and ideas, especially for special events like Eid.

"Muslim women around the world are renowned for getting all dressed up on this special occasion, and “what are you wearing for Eid?” is the main question. This isn’t taken lightly in my Cape Malay culture. That being said, this is my Eid look du jour".

Maria Alia

NYC-based blogger Maria Alia believes that Eid is her favourite time of the year because of how often she gets to spend time with her family, her cousins and friends in New York City, with the occasional family trip to New Orleans. 

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Here's a style tutorial on various ways to style a hijab for Eid by blogger Ruba Zai: