New nail trends have blown up on Instagram, the one trend was inspired by celebrities like Rihanna and Cara Delevigne while the other seeks inspiration from another female form but now people have been getting intricate designs etched on their nails.

Cuticle Tatoos
The tattoos vary from flowers, arrows, dots and lines. The designs vary with other people matching their tattoos with their rings or matching with nail polish.  The cuticles are a pretty painful spot, as s kin over bones tends to be one of the most painful places to put tattoos but  the trend is certainly taking off. 

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But for those who love the idea but don't want to go through the pain of getting inked, there are salons that do temporary cuticle tattoos or try henna and some have opted for metallic gold  or black nail stamps to recreate the look.

Vagina-themed nails
Yes, that's right the actual female reproductive organ! Vagina nails are also the latest nail art trend popping up on Instagram. The unusual trend  involves embossing some pretty realistic and very graphic vagina shapes to create a statement nail. The nail designs are more than just making a statement but some women are using it as a platform to advocate women's sexual health with a manicure, as there are period-themed nails.  

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The vagina-themed nails

Yes, that's right! People are now getting vulva themed nails. This beauty trend is exactly what it sounds like painting or embellishing nails with miniature vaginas. A lot of the women are  showing support for women's sexual health with these manicures with some even going as far as  period-themed nail art.