All pics by Jonathan Ferrier / Red Bull Content Pool

American designer and fashion influencer Stayfly Thrash’s exudes elegance and confidence. His sense of style is also especially bold in how he puts together not only his outfits, but those of the several high-profile artists he’s styled and continues to style.

Thrash was recently in the country to drive awareness to the Red Bull TV series, Social Fabric hosted by streetwear designer Kyle Ng.

Social Fabric is said to reveal “the surprising stories behind every day fabrics – from jeans to cowboy boots – and how they are styled, individualized and made iconic around the world.”

Like Ng, Thrash is based in Los Angeles and has built a solid reputation on the local fashion scene. He’s also lived in several different places around the world.

“Every place I have lived has forced me to elevate my style depending on the different environments – example when I moved to LA I had to learn to dress a little more mature because of the different circles I was involved with,” he said, explaining how his globetrotting has inspired and influenced how he approaches fashion.

When I asked him how he came to get involved in the series, Thrash explained how he is good friends with the producer, Citizen Jones, and that his involvement unfolded organically. “He felt that my style was perfect for The Suits episode. It was a great opportunity to get my story out and inspire others to elevate their own style.”

Thrash, whose own sense of style can be described as elevated, draws inspiration from many places. “I draw inspiration from so many different things and places and people I meet, inspired by different fabrics and patterns from different cultures and that’s why my style incorporates so many different colors and patterns. Inspiration is everywhere.”

This was his very first visit to SA and it’s an experience he’s found eye-opening. “Red Bull team has shown me a great time and has introduced me to so many things I didn’t know SA had to offer,” he said. “Too bad I haven’t seen any Lions or zebras as yet.”

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