Kids hail as role models on the new H&M campaign. Picture: Supplied.
Kids hail as role models on the new H&M campaign. Picture: Supplied.

Oscar-nominated director Bryan Buckley partners with H&M to create a short film

By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article published Apr 30, 2021

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Kids are the leaders of tomorrow, but they don't have to wait to become adults to take a stand.

To give them a voice to express themselves, American filmmaker Bryan Buckley has partnered with Swedish clothing company H&M to release a film dedicated to kids.

The campaign is a new worldwide initiative to identify and support young social, environmental, and civic role models.

It is aimed at establishing kids who are role models and empower them into making progress on social equality, sustainability, education and more.

So far, there are a few kids who have shared words of wisdom in a video captured by the Oscar-nominated director.

WATCH: Role models by Bryan Buckley

Through the initiative, the brand will bring forward, champion and tell the stories of young change-makers from around the world as they believe that the world needs to embrace the optimistic, collaborative, free-thinking spirit of kids.

About the campaign, Pascal Brun, Global Sustainability Manager at H&M said: “Kids are more informed, engaged, and capable than ever before.

“There are countless examples of youth taking action to make our world a better place, filling a vacuum left by those who we’d normally look to adults.”

He added: “At a time of social and environmental upheaval, leadership has never been more paramount.

“This fundamental need inspired the company to explore how it could play a part in supporting the role models who are right in front of us and are shaping our future.”

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