Pringle of Scotland AW19 collection. (Picture: Instagram)

The final full day of London Fashion Week featured a collection by Pringle of Scotland who returned to the London stage with its signature luxury knitwear.

Pringle of Scotland is more than two centuries old, but the collection unveiled Monday shows carefully made luxury knitwear never goes out of style. After a series of runway shows filled with razzle-dazzle and a "Can you top this?" approach, Pringle offered an oasis of calm and good taste with its beautifully crafted outfits.

Many of the new outfits feature a single colour — white or beige or grey — for the trousers, the top, and a hat. Sometimes the boots match, too. Each outfit has a refreshing coherence and simplicity to the design, even if it's hard to execute.

But the show planners were nearly undone by their failure to anticipate the ice sculptures placed on the runways for dramatic effect would slowly melt, leaving puddles where the models were supposed to walk.

As the show's start time came and went, a man in a white Pringle lab coat came out with paper towels to mop up the puddles as best he could. The models were told to swerve to avoid the wet spots.

Only one slipped, and she regained her balance before she tumbled.