Quiteria will be making his debut as a solo designer at Durban Fashion Fair. Picture: Supplied.
Designer and creative director, Quiteria, who used to be a member of fashion powerhouse, Quiteria & George has been invited to showcase at Durban Fashion Fair on Friday night. 

Quiteria will be making his debut showcase as a solo designer after having split from George, whom he worked with to dress Beyonce for the Global Citizen Festival last year. 

The collection he'll be showcasing on Friday night is titled 'Sacrifice Beyond as the Phoenix Rises.' 

" The acknowledgment of sacrificial offering as a means to clearing the path to success and wellness in life, love, health, career and wealth, is ingrained into our social DNA from the moment our cognitive senses come to practice. 

"Whether through religion and traditions, cultural norms and social etiquette, or through the many societal values which systematically espouse us into adulthood; We are made to believe that our evolution is dependent on gods unknown and ancestry which envelopes us as guardian angels - and they must be fed through ritual," said Quiteria. 

With this collection, Quiteria has come full circle in defining his own truth as a creative at an intersection between soldiering on with his vision or conforming to popular trends for a quick win. 

For him, this is a chance to regain his power and succeed in the forever evolving world of fashion. 

Quiteria says he learned that sacrifice is nuanced and manifests in many ways. In choosing light or darkness, in finding joy through pain, and in dimming his own light to share the spotlight. 

Quiteria will showcase at 9:30pm at the Durban ICC, where DFF is taking place.