Heat up the bedroom with a little sexy number. Picture: Supplied
Heat up the bedroom with a little sexy number. Picture: Supplied

Raunchy lingerie to fire up your sex life

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Oct 28, 2019

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There comes a time in any couple's sex life when the heat between the sheets starts to cool down.

Whether your sexual encounters have gone from once a week to once a month or your routine has become predictable and down right boring, something needs to be done to remedy the situation. 

There are many ways to reignite your sexual flame and get your partner burning with desire. 

Many of those tricks might be a bit too adventurous or uncomfortable for the inexperienced lover.

There's one easy way to add a bit spice to your sexual routine that's sure to leave your partner speechless and sparkly eyed. 

Sometimes you need to add a bit of spark in the bedroom. Picture: Pexel

Some ladies wear sexy lacy underwear on a daily bases while there are those who keep things basic. 

We've all seen the scenes in those PG18 movies where the woman would dress up in skimpy lingerie to entice their lover. 

If you think it's something that's reserved for the movies, think again.

Slipping into a little something sexy is an easy way heat up your guy. 

It's such a simple trick that even the most inexperience lover can do it. 

Like any clothing item, there are a wide variety of raunchy undies.

Here's a look at some of the most favorite styles and colours. 

Red and raunchy. Add fire to the bedroom with fiery red. 

Aura by Bras N Things. Picture: Supplied

Take him back to your wedding night in lacy white.

White lace bodysuit by Woolworths. Picture: Supplied

You can never go wrong in black and a bodysuit is great for the lady who feels more comfortable with a bit of cover.

Jolidon by Bra N Things. Picture: Supplied

Suspenders feel sexy and look even sexier. 

Vamp by Bras N Things. Picture: Supplied


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