HOT: The Immortal collection that was showcased at the first Cannes Film Festival Fashion Street Show.

Daniel Moleka, the founder of RedThread Apparel who represented South Africa at the very first Fashion Street Show at the Cannes Film Festival recently, is back and shares with us what it was like showcasing at an international platform.

Please tell us about your experience at Cannes. Were your expectations met?

The Cannes Film Festival Fashion Street Show was great. I had a chance to meet a lot of people to network with and experience the fashion industry in Europe. My expectations were more than met.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: Hoodie by RedThread.

What was your biggest highlight of the Cannes festival?

My biggest highlight was definitely the show. I was really pleased with the fact that everyone there appreciated the craftsmanship and the hard work that was put into the Immortal collection.

What did you learn about the fashion in France?

Fashion that side is completely different. It’s the top of the industry, the beginning of fashion. They look at every single detail and thus motivated me for the future and helped me gain more knowledge about what’s important when making garments.

Dope Red Thread hoodie with bold dragon print. 

Who were your best designers who showcased and why?

The designers who also showcased were JMH and Fabrice Zaady Sullivan. I had the chance to talk to them and exchange a few words, which were very instructive.

What can people expect from you after this?

What people can expect from RedThread after this is that I’m now going to be working with Issa Leo on a collaboration of our two brands. I’ll also work on the reproduction of the collection and I’m also going to work on the next collection because they’re inviting me to showcase again next year.

White Red Thread sweater.