Previous RI.CH Factory collection. Picture: Supplied.
RI.CH Factory, an African contemporary clothing brand founded by the 27-year-old Rina Chunga recently presented their latest collection at SA Fashion Week #SAFW held at Sandton City, Johannesburg.

The newly wedded talented designer has a great love for the African continent, she describes fashion as an expression and a form of art.

“I am pan African and I believe in uniting Africans as well as making us proud of our roots through fashion”, says Chunga.

Collaborating with Aero, Chunga recently showcased a playful and eclectic collection inspired by “let go fashion” where architecture meets whimsical, which is bold and African. This collection is filled with bright colours made of African Prints, fun silhouettes and a mix of structure and Asian references.

Slaying the runway in RI.CH Factory latest collection. Picture: Supplied. 

“I thought of what a woman would wear in that moment where she just let go and was true to her spirit and wanted to have fun with her outfits. I mixed prints because I think it is refreshing to see a print clash like that, it worked beautifully and looks so intentional. I have allowed myself to create freely while knowing what my brand is and what clients expect to see from me”, Chunga says.

As a pan African, she believes in the importance of telling African stories through her work, hence this collection is made up of African prints only.

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“I think it’s important for someone to tell the story of the African child who does love print and loves everything about this land.

Rina Chunga founder of RI.CH Factory. Picture: Supplied. 

There are a lot of people who say ‘no Africa doesn’t mean African print’ but my narrative is ‘hey it’s okay if it does’.”

“A lot of people don’t complain when Asian people wear their heritage so proudly but as Africans, we’ve been made to think it’s a problem so I am just here to give people options. You can wear your heritage and be stylish on a global level”, Chunga adds.

Chunga describes the flared pants with the ruffle details as her favourite look from the collection because she likes a little drama and loves clothing that moves.

Low shoulder dress by RI.CH Factory. Picture: Supplied. 

Also the dark use of prints that make the outfit to be bold but demure.

She also expresses her delight about how grateful she is for a successful debut fashion week showcase and how big her brand is growing.

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“I’m grateful for how well received our collection was.

“We took a chance and it paid off. Aero made the perfect partner for our first ever fashion week. We are now ready to take this range, which started in my bedroom, to the world.”

* Connect with RI.CH Factory on Instagram @richfactory