Rihanna the rule breaker. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Rihanna used to experiment with her school uniform and would shorten her hem, wear the belt in different places and wear earrings to add her personal touch to her attire.

The 29-year-old singer come designer - who was announced as the creative director of Puma in 2014 and launched her own Fenty Beauty line earlier this year - would have loved to be recognized as "the best dressed" during her younger years, but she thinks when she was at school her style "wasn't there yet".

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Speaking about her previous style choices at the launch of her school-friendly Fenty U collection, which has been reported on Vogue.com, the brunette beauty said: "I think I'd want best dressed, but I wasn't there yet in terms of style. In high school, I stayed to myself. I was a loner." 

Although the 'Work' hitmaker doesn't think her fashion sense was as well developed when she was a teenager as it is now, she still used to try to put her personal touch on her school attire. 

She explained: "You would try to express yourself any way you could. [I'd] push it with an earring. You're not allowed to wear huge earrings. I would try to push it with my hair with extensions and a little colour.

"It was not the cutest belt - it was in Barbados colours, blue and yellow stripes -- [but] you could [define] your waist. Girls would constantly be adjusting their belt all day long!

"[And] my hem. I would take it up little by little so no one would notice."

But the brunette beauty used to be reprimanded for breaking the school's rules. 

She added: "I got sent home a couple of times for doing that." 

Rihanna is not afraid to wear clothes she wants to wear, and she believes people have to be "committed" if they want to wear a more outrageous ensemble. 

She said: "I love that you have to work to wear your outfit. You have to be committed.

"I'm really in love with the [Saint Laurent] oversized pink look. It was like a bubble and tiny skirt, and the skirt went into a point in the front and looked like she was wearing the top of her dress up. It was like a fuchsia cloud, but it was so beautiful to me because it's so wrong."