Ruff Tung design duo Bridget Pickering and Ludwig Bausch. Picture: Instagram
Ruff Tung design duo Bridget Pickering and Ludwig Bausch. Picture: Instagram

Ruff Tung designs sequins mask to 'shine some sparkle over these bleak times'

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published May 23, 2020

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With days filled with doom and gloom we're all in need of a bit of sunshine.

We spend most of our days indoors and when we do step out we never leave home without a mask secured to our face and a bag filled with hand sanitizer.

While we're all still getting used to wearing a mask, we have to deal with how mostly unattractive they can be.

Designers Bridget Pickering and Ludwig Bausch from Ruff Tung decided that face masks don't have to be drab things you have to cover your mouth with but an accessory that will bring a whole lot of glam to any outfit as well as sparkle to your day. 

We spoke to the team about their love for sequins and the inspiration being their fab masks.

"We launched our Ruff Tung Inclusive collection almost four years ago with a sequins bang, and we honestly had absolutely no idea that it would become such a signature attitude for our brand" says Pickering.

"Dressing fabulous women in sparkle for their 80ths through every celebratory decade has shown that no matter the age, we all have Cinderella inside of us. Breaking the rules and teaching our gals that you can indeed wear sequins during the day and even on the school run - we dare you!"

"We have always flung around the statement 'life is too short so wear the bling' and never before in the these times of Covid has that statement meant so much" she adds.

"Once the government started to allow our industry to open up with mask making, we had staff to pay, an incredible team of breadwinners who needed to support their families and boxes of sequins off cuts... so we 'work shopped' the idea, a term we use when brainstorming, designed as per the Department of Health spec and garnished the outer layer with sparkles" says Bridget about the beginnings of their special masks.

"We made sure the design was comfortable, breath-easy, lined with the required sanitary layers, hygienic and washable etc and flung the masks online.

"We had no idea that they would spark joy to so many and with all the love and support from our customers we have managed to pay our staff each week. Times are tough, we are navigating through uncharted waters so if we can shine some sparkle over these bleak times then that is exactly what we shall keep doing." 

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