Somizi Mhlongo. Picture: Facebook

While the South African Music Awards (SAMA) is one of the country’s biggest musical celebration, the red carpet fashion is one of the most debated aspects of the show.

This is where all the stars and invited guests have an opportunity to showcase their own personal style and flair.

This year ceremony, which was held in Sun City over the weekend, was no different as many celebrities made a lasting fashion inspiration while others failed to impress.
Our style reporters Thobile Mazibuko (TM) and Karishma Dipa (KD) dissected the best and worst from this year’s SAMA red carpet.


TM: We understand that in this country of ours, you can wear whatever you want but girl, we’ve seen enough of your bum. We get it that you might be always showing it off because of the tattoo there but you really shouldn’t reveal it all the damn time. Consider trying modest fashion too, it’s the new sexy.

KD: The local songress certainly had people talking in this daring design which revealed much of her womanly physique.
I applaud her for taking a risk but not only was her outfit confusing, it also revealed far too much and was borderline inappropriate.
I think she could have made a far better impression if she chose one part of her body to flaunt instead of most of it.

Skolopad. Picture: Twitter.

Tumi Morake

TM:The host herself! First, that black and white dress with a hand fan in front, what was that all about? Before mentioning the fringe, let’s just first discuss the colourful dress she had on stage. They could’ve done better honesty, Tumi didn’t deserve that print dress which made her look like a parachute on top of the weight she’s lost. Something slimmer would’ve worked hey.

KD:The comedian, who also hosted the show, could have used this prestigious opportunity to establish herself as a style icon but she failed to do so .
Instead, her series of outfit choices were underwhelming and while it wasn't the worst from the entire red carpet she didn't leave a lasting impression.

Tumi Morake. Picture: Instagram.


KD: The choreographer turned TV and radio personality is known for his extravagant take on fashion.
Although he played around with different designs and looks while co-hosting the SAMA’s, some of his choices looked untidy and clumsy instead of his usual dapper.

TM: It is indeed true that expensive designer clothes won’t always make you look ravishing. It’s not about how much money you're but how you rock your outfit. Somizi needs to understand that .

Somizi Mhlongo. Picture: Instagram.

Khanyi Mbau

KD:The media personality works hard on her body and I love that she choice to flaunt it.
The popular ‘nude’ design was a perfect fit for her and her look was enhanced by the plunging neckline and thigh high slit.

TM: I think I've seen Thando Thabethe wearing the very same dress Khanyi was wearing. But nonetheless, Khanyi also looked good in it with her long weave. That hair is just too amazing.
Khanyi Mbau: Picture: Twitter.

Thando Thabethe

KD: The young beauty’s choice of colour for her design complemented her complexion and accentuated her delicate features. The golden brown dress with playful tale was one of my favourites from the red carpet and I love how she added the cut-out sleeves to her look and dramatic neck piece.

TM: Her dress was gorgeous, revealing her curves. Kept the hair simple and she looked stunning with those braids.
Thando Thabethe. Picture: Twitter.

Pearl Thusi

The ‘Quantico’ star was my absolute favourite look on the red carpet. She also opted to go for the ‘nude’ and transparent look and the vertical bling on the dress ensured that she didn't reveal too much of her body while adding the wow factor to her look

TM: She looked so ravishing. She and her daughter stole the show.
Pearl Thusi and daughter. Picture: Shingai Darangwa.

Kelly Khumalo

KD: The singer’s dress was definitely a show-stopper. I love that she brought high fashion and glamour back to the red carpet and chose to do so in a bright orange design with a beautiful ‘cotton wool’ type of skirt and a fitted bodice.

TM: She nailed it. The dress fitted her so well and the makeup was on point. Also, pushing the hair back and keeping it simple was a great idea because the dress had to be well seen without having any competition.
Kelly Khumalo. Picture: Twitter.

Bonang Matheba

KD: Queen B is always one of the best dressed on all the red carpets that she walks.
The SAMA’s were no different as she arrived in a powerful red design with a matching lip.
However, I feel like she played it too safe with this dress as she is often seen wearing a similar design which she knows works for her.

TM: Bonang never disappoints. She still lived up to the expectations and killed the red carpet with her exquisite red dress. Keep it up girl, we know you got this.
Bonang Matheba. Picture: Instagram
Boity Thulo

TM: That blazer is just wrong on its own. Mixing it with white pants that have stripes on the side like it’s Adidas track pants was also something else. She absolutely didn’t deserve it at all. Whoever dressed her needs a slap on their head for being out of mind.

KD: Boity is such a beauty but she was one of the worst dressed at the SAMAs. She could have used the opportunity to play around with fashion but instead she chose to wear an untailored pants suit which made her look frumpy instead of accentuating her curves.
Boity Thulo: Picture: Twitter.