Lootlove was one of the best dressed at SAMA24. Picture: Instagram.
Lootlove was one of the best dressed at SAMA24. Picture: Instagram.

#SAMA25: How to prepare for a killer red carpet look

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published May 16, 2019

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This year’s South African Music Awards (SAMAs) are set to be remarkable as the organisation marks the 25-year milestone. 

Themed 25toLife, the SAMAs 2019 are a nostalgic trip into the past, providing a better understanding of the present, in a manner that excites the future.

Over the years, we’ve seen our favourite celebs being rewarded for their input in the music industry however, for some their fashion sense remains questionable. Many seem not to care about their image and put zero effort into their outfits. If you're attending SAMA25 and have no idea how to put together the perfect red carpet look, worry not because we have all the tips on how to look like an A-lister.

Don’t go for the obvious

Red carpet doesn’t mean wearing a black suit and matric dance dress. Go overboard and be bold in African couture, it’s Africa month after all. 

A Maxhosa dress can make you stand out. Picture: SDR. 

Respect the theme

This may sound like a task as some themes are demanding but there’s nothing cool about not adhering to the theme. Just have some respect and stick to the theme. 

Do the fittings

There’s nothing more embarrassing than wearing something that’s too big or too tight. It causes unnecessary discomfort so make sure whatever you’re wearing fits perfectly. 

We love Nandi Madida but this dress didn't fit her the way it was supposed to. Picture: Twitter. 

Get your hair and makeup on point

Just as the outfit, your hair, and make-up should be a top priority. Don’t take chances, make sure all is on point. 

Minnie Dlamini may not always be the best dressed but her hair and makeup is always on point. Picture: Instagram. 

Avoid last minute shopping

Chances are, if you shop at the last minute you won’t get exactly what you're looking for and will have to settle for whatever is left. If you haven’t already, start checking with the designers and get it going to avoid disappointments. 


It’s the red carpet. Bring your A-fashion game and slay. 

These are some of last year's misses and we don't want a repeat, please. 

SAMA's take place on June 1 at Sun City, North West. 

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