Clear frames are one of the biggest trends this season. Picture: Pexels
Clear frames are one of the biggest trends this season. Picture: Pexels

See clearly with these optical eyewear trends

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Apr 30, 2021

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Optical eyewear has become as big a fashion statement as sunglasses.

Long gone are the days that your only options were basic black frames or your round wired frames.

Spectacles have in fact become so trendy that people are wearing clear, non-prescript lenses to get the look.

With all the different shapes, sizes and colours available, the styling opportunities are endless.

You can go from conservative to eccentric by simply changing your frames.

Whether it’s functional or a fashion accessory, here are the hottest trends in optical wear this season.

In the clear

Transparent frames are the newest and hottest trend in eyewear.

Their ability to go effortlessly from casual to formal makes them a must-have to include in every wardrobe.

Add a little more spice with oversized frames or a hint of champagne colouring to double up on other trends.

Vogue. Picture: Supplied
Prada. Picture: Supplied

Tortoise shell

This is not your grandmother’s pattern – this pattern is adding new hues and highlights that will suit your skin tone, hair and outfits with ease.

Keep it retro with a cat-eye frame or classic with a top-half only frame.

Ray-Ban. Picture: Supplied
Pesol. Picture: Supplied

70’s Square

There are hints of the 1970s throughout the winter collections.

What better way to jump on the trend than with oversized square glasses?

Keep it true square or gently rounded, all you’ll need is high-waisted jeans and a fancy scarf to make your wardrobe pop.

Vogue. Picture: Supplied

Get Wired

Whether its aviator, round or double-bridged, the gold rimmed frames is versatile and professional with a touch of individualism.

Lightweight and alluring, this is the most popular look for non-prescription wearers.

Ray-Ban. Picture: Supplied
Arnette. Picture: Supplied

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