Seth Shezi dressed in Maxhosa. Picture: Fede Kortez.
Seth Shezi dressed in Maxhosa. Picture: Fede Kortez.

Seth Shezi talks fashion and trends

By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article published May 14, 2019

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Lifestyle and fashion content creator Seth Shezi is edgy and cool on social media and in real life. Based in Cape Town, Shezi was recently named GQ’s Best Dressed man. He is the epitome of man’s fashion; he shared with us his winter style must-haves and his exciting plans for the rest of the year.

Seth, please start by telling us more about yourself?

I am a KwaZulu-Natal native who moved to the Cape to pursue higher learning at the UCT, then by some fluke, as a result of the United Kingdom regulations for South Africans things changed while I was still at university. I opted to stay in Cape Town as a form of a gap year - aka living off my dad’s stipend - which was short-lived after I was head-hunted to work as a business analyst at Metropolitan.

All the while I’d been a huge lover of all things epicurean. I had no money as a student but still would save to dine at Manolo once a month. I didn’t shop as often as my friends did but when I did it’d be a stand-out investment piece of clothing so I’d always been in pursuit of quality and the finer things in life.

The stylish Seth Shezi.

Everyone interprets it differently what is fashion to you?

A form of expression. Fashion is a legitimate art form, it’s value has just been diluted by the sheer nature of how mass fashion is. But at its core, fashion is about saying something without using words. It’s what tells people how you’re feeling and what you may stand for and this may change and be adapted from season to season or even day to day.

How would you describe your style?

Fit is everything. One perfectly tailored suit beats 10 various styles and colours in a poor cut. I always urge everyone to invest in a good (bespoke if budget allows) tailored suit instead of buying plenty for variety. Make one statement you can stand behind rather than 10 you’re sheepish about.

Who is your favourite African designer and why?

I can’t pick just one. I’m a huge advocate and supporter of local fashion so I’m a fan of plenty. I still love Maxhosa, Rich Mnisi, Laurence Airline (Ivory Coast), Atto Tetteh (Ghana), Xipixi and obviously I’ll always love the woven craftsmanship the darling Nicholas Coutts gave us.

Seth Shezi in Maxhosa. 

What is your favourite fashion item that you can’t do without?

A good vintage hat. And my Linar x Shezi cross-body bag by Cape Cobra Leathercraft.

You’re a Lifestyle Brand Strategist, a writer, photographer, stylist, and creative director, how do you incorporate all of that into your fashion sense?

Wearing so many hats and titles allow me to be quite expressive and eclectic with my fashion choices. I can go from G-star tiger pants to an Afrocentric Gentleman three-piece suit without skipping a beat. Also, I no longer dress for the occasion.

For women, a hairstyle has an influence on how the outfit turns out. Does that also apply to men (or you specifically)?

Oh yes. Guys care about their hair, especially those growing a high top or nursing a fade - like me. I vacillate between having my fade combed out and squared, sometimes dishevelled so the top looks edgier or wearing a hat.

Seth Shezi in Thebe Magugu, with his Cape Cobra Leathercraft bag. 

Speaking of the style guide, any styling tips for men this season?

Don’t be scared to wear colour in winter.

Connect with Seth on Instagram @seth_shezi.

Pictures: Fede Kortez

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