The Spirographs Sexy Socks. Picture: Supplied.
Proudly made in South Africa, Sexy Socks has released new colourful and quirky designs. 

The new collection features something for everyone – the yogi, the travel enthusiast, the maximalist, and even the minimalist. Like always, for each pair of Sexy Socks sold, one pair of school socks is donated to a schoolchild in need.

The also range includes outrageous designs, bright and bold colours and the choice between their bamboo range as well as their cycling range which have been designed specifically with comfort, support and endurance in mind.

Part of this new collection is the Volksie, Geo Joe and Blazen Africa.  


The Volksie have the iconic VW Combi which is too cool to hide, so roll those denim up or team them shorts.

The Volksie. Picture: Supplied. 

Geo Joe

Designed to catch the eye and work with any look, the Geo Joe are geometric inspired. 

Geo Joe. Picture: Supplied. 

Blazen Africa

The Blazen Africa was  inspired by Africa and brought to life in shades of navy, yellow, coral, turquoise and brown.

Blazen Africa. Picture: Supplied. 
Sexy Socks are available in various boutique stores throughout South Africa and online at