Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. Picture: Instagram.
Fashion is not really gender based, whatever looks good on you, rock it. These are the sneakers that look good on both men and women

Adidas ultra boost

The ultra boost is the premium sneaker from Adidas that ranks very highly in both aesentatics and comfort. Perfect for any casual look or sport gear. 

Adidas ultra boost. Picture: Instagram. 

Converse Chuck Taylor II All Star

Your wardrobe is incomplete without Converse Chuck Tailor All Star. These sneakers match everything, especially the white ones. Did you know that you can even wear them with a wedding gown? Chucks are boss like that. 

Converse Chuck Taylor. Picture: Instagram. 

Yeezy Boost 350

For the street culture, comfort and just lazy fashion, Yeezy boost are to go. Mostly liked by the cool kids, this sneaker is very comfortable and matches well with street style swag. 

Yeezy boost 350. Picture: Instagram. 


Everyone knows the timbs. These classic shoes go very well with denim. A jean to jean outfit with Timberlands is a killer one. Even though they’re hot, a lot of people still prefer them even in summer. 

Timberland boots. Picture: Instagram.