Pic supplied by Wedding Expo
It hasn’t really happened until it has been liked on Facebook, retweeted by all your followers and shared on Instagram, all with the correct hashtag, of course.

The bridal couple needs to be very clear about what they will and will not allow on social media regarding their day.

Leigh Herringer from Wedding Inspirations magazine offers the following advice.

The do nots:

Don’t announce your engagement or wedding date on social media before personally informing your nearest and dearest.

Don’t choose a corny hashtag that you’ll come to hate in the future.

Don’t ditch the professional wedding photographer because you think you’ll have enough pictures to pull from your social media sites. Big mistake.

Don’t take selfies anywhere near the altar or update your new relationship status on the way to the reception.

Who posts what about your wedding shouldn’t be something you should focus on or even be checking during the day. Your day is happening. So don’t lose sight of that.

Taking a selfie

The do’s

Do create a personalised hashtag to create a buzz around your wedding celebrations, it also give you easy access to all the photographs and highlights of the day you might not otherwise see.

Do ask the congregation to wait until after the service before they post any pictures. Add a little note in the programme or on you invitation. If you don’t want guests to posts any pictures of your wedding at all, make that very clear.