Sir Abner, cut from the same quality cloth as his material. Picture: Supplied.
Sir Abner, cut from the same quality cloth as his material. Picture: Supplied.

Sir Abner is hoping to change the face of SA fashion

By Lifestyle reporter Time of article published Nov 20, 2019

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Seboni Abner Makgamatha, better known as “Sir Abner”, is crafting a bold future in the South African fashion industry. 

The Joburg artist, who views himself as the creative synthesizer who weaves ideas, design, fashion, aesthetics and street culture into a single vision, is changing the face of SA fashion. 

The 30-year-old artistic director, textile print and graphic designer for David Tlale Couture and the creator and founder of content driven platform “Kimon Sam” alongside his life partner and photographer Katlego Idah Mamabolo, recently registered a new creative agency, Application Form Trait-Marked. 

Sir Abner's agency aims to promote “applied art” traits and introduce new concepts. Throughout his career, the Joburger has been doing the most in terms of collaborations. He is currently working on a project with Pongrácz, designing the Bold Print of the Year to be unveiled early 2020. 

“My entire career to date is paved by collaboration. Whether it’s joining forces with other creatives or my many diverse positions in the industry, I keep on pushing the boundaries at each turn. 

"The Bold Print of the Year campaign is incredibly exciting – I’ll be designing three prints which I think represent our South African creative, fashion and consumer spirit as well as Pongrácz’s Be Bold philosophy,” said Sir Abner. 

The Bold Prints that he'll be showcasing are: Djembe, Populist and a Nostalgia. Djembe is a print where he juxtaposition of African culture meets modern design in typography. It is inspired by showcasing the craftmanship that goes into making Pongrácz, this design captures the journey of creating, rather than the end product.

The Populist on the other hand is inspired by the man D esiderius Pongrácz who smuggled vines into South Africa whilst fleeing uprisings in Hungary. Its design evokes the influence of a movement of artistic, renaissance men who had an interest in craft, literature, music and changing the status quo.

Nostalgia's art and design can evoke many wistful and sentimental yearnings for the past. The evolution of design over centuries brings forth innovation, excitement and daring in creating that which at the time would seem impossible.

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