Kim Kardashian West's Skims collection. Picture: Instagram
Kim Kardashian West's Skims collection. Picture: Instagram

Size does matter: Body-positive influencer calls out Kim Kardashian on Skims shape-wear sizing issue

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Mar 19, 2021

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The promise of a flat tummy, a perky bottom and slimmer thighs makes shape-wear so appealing.

Of course, you don’t want things to jiggle while you strut yourself in those tight-fitting outfits. Nor do you want those pesky visible lines.

It’s all good and when until you actually have to try one on.

Until you’ve actually tried and worn a shape-wear item, you’ll never know the truth behind the promise.

In steps Kim Kardashian with her Skims shape-wear offering woman of all shapes, sizes and skin tone the solution to all their body jiggle problems and everybody’s raving about it.

A week doesn’t go by when she’s not coming out with new collections. So clearly business is good.

Body-positive influencer Mikayla Zazon decided to give them a try and her experience, like those of so many women out there, wasn’t a good one.

Her TikTok video that has since gone viral, shows that not only is the high-rise shape-wear thong a terrible fit but that the sizing is way off.



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She begins the video by saying, “So I ordered Skims because I’ve been hearing people rave about Kim Kardashian’s shape-wear, and I decided to get it. And because women’s sizing is so effed up, of course, I decided to size up to a large.”

She indicated in the video that she’s usually a size small/ medium.

But when she reveals the “large” underwear, it’s pretty clear that isn’t large at all!

She then puts them on over her leggings and of course, it’s visibly too tight and very uncomfortable.

She actually demonstrates how even after pulling the garment high over on her stomach it just rolled down again.

“Like … I can not make this up,” she said. “A large?! This is a large?!”

The video is captioned: “KIM REALLY THOUGHT THIS WAS OKAY,”

The overwhelming responses to the post clearly expressed that it WASN’T ok.

One woman responded saying “Honey, I’m a large and got a large. So many tears were shed,” while another said: “I was also victimised by Skims shape-wear.”

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