Syria's most extreme jihadist faction issued a ban on mannequins in shop displays.

London - Next time your other half gets your dress size wrong, don’t take it to heart. He’s not trying to drop hints about your weight – he simply doesn’t have a clue what it is.

Half of men have no idea what size clothes their partner wears, according to a survey. This was despite 54 percent saying they had bought the lady in their life an item of clothing before.

Meanwhile about 19 percent aren’t sure what their partner’s size is, while 31 percent were more confident, saying they would be able to pick out the right one in store.

The majority of those who said they were clueless but had bought something for their other half before admitted they had guessed the correct size, whereas 29 percent said they had asked a shop assistant to help.

A cautious 17 percent of men said they had opted to “buy a small size as a form of flattery should it be the incorrect size”.

When asked if such tactics had worked, 65 percent of the 1 921 men in relationships who were questioned for the survey admitted to “getting it wrong” on at least one occasion.

The survey carried out by also found that 57 percent of men wouldn’t dare buy their wife or girlfriend a dress even if they knew the correct size because they might pick the wrong style. - Daily Mail