British designer Stella McCartney. (Reuters)

Stella McCartney is "not a fan" of cleaning clothes and has revealed on Saville Row, she was taught to "brush" the dirt off suits rather than dry clean them.

The 47-year-old fashion designer doesn't like "dry cleaning or any cleaning" of her clothes and is careful about what she washes.

Speaking about her three years on Saville Row studying tailoring, she told The Observer: "I was the only girl who had ever been in the room. I was there for three years and I barely learned how to set a sleeve head in a sleeve. It's like architecture. It's amazing. And the rule on a bespoke suit is you do not clean it. You do not touch it. You let the dirt dry and you brush it off. Basically, in life, rule of thumb: if you don't absolutely have to clean anything, don't clean it. I wouldn't change my bra every day and I don't just chuck stuff into a washing machine because it's been worn. I am incredibly hygienic myself, but I'm not a fan of dry cleaning or any cleaning, really."

Meanwhile, Stella previously called for legal changes to force designers to use more sustainable materials.

She said: "If everyone in the design world created a more sustainable product with more mindfulness, then it wouldn't even be a conversation. But they're not. We need to impose new laws on designers because sadly people aren't taking responsibility, and there is no incentive to encourage them.

"In order to encourage people to have better practice in their business, to have better product for the planet and the animals who inhabit us with us, then there absolutely should be some laws in place to make it harder for people to screw the planet up."