Is your summer wardrobe beach ready? 

There's nothing more daunting than going swimwear shopping. Badly lit changing rooms and a wide variety of designs can often make swimwear shopping an overwhelming experience. 

There isn't much we can do about those nasty changing rooms but here's a peek at what's hot this summer.

We chat to Witchery Womenswear Design Manager, Barbara Polo, to give insight into her design process, inspiration, and the latest swimwear trends 

Witchery Womenswear Design Manager, Barbara Polo. (Supplied)

What do you enjoy most about designing swimwear?

I have always loved designing swimwear. It is a combination of fashion and trends but also a very technical garment that needs to support the woman’s body. It’s great to work with colour and print, I also enjoy the challenge of designing a garment that needs to make women feel good when it’s on the body, especially when you are wearing limited clothing.

What inspired the latest Witchery swimwear collection?

It all started when we found the beautiful pastel coloured tropical print from our international print-house. We then mixed it with the natural palettes and linen fabrications, both major trends coming through from the international runway shows. The result is an ultra-feminine and relaxed, resort and swimwear collection which combines the softness of the trend with the swimwear pieces that have been designed specifically for our customers, with a focus on support and fabric technology.

What is your personal favourite style of swimwear?

As a fashion designer I like to mix it up depending on the trend, but I have been wearing a one-piece the past years for coverage and fashionability at the same time.

What is the trend we should be trying this season?

A square neckline top is the key silhouettes style for swimwear this summer. The Rash Vest is stylish and functional for a day at the beach. We offer a very special and beautiful one piece that suits the outdoor lifestyle while also making a statement with the scuba trend.