The bralette can be worn as innerwear or outerwear. Picture: Pinterest
The bralette can be worn as innerwear or outerwear. Picture: Pinterest

The bralette: finally a bra that’s sexy, trendy and comfortable enough to wear all day

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Feb 23, 2021

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When lockdown was first implemented, being stuck indoors was a major challenge but soon people started to appreciate the positive aspects that came with not having to leave home.

Besides being able to laze about in PJs all day and not worry about your hair or make-up, one of the greatest advantages has been not having to wear a bra – freedom from the torture device we used to spend most days in. No more wires piercing our skin. No more constantly having to pull up irritating bra straps.

Having said that, I feel the need to somehow hold my breasts in place and even more so protect my nipples from chaffing against my clothes. When I say “hold in place” I don’t mean pushed up under my chin or squeezing them together.

I love tight-fitted vests or tops with built-in light support but those can’t take the place of a bra.

Then bralettes came onto the market and all my breast-support and nipple-protecting troubles were over.

Here are just a few reasons why women are loving them.

A bralette is a type of bra that has minimal to no padding, no wires and no moulded cups. It’s a cross between a sports bra and normal bra.

One has to love the versatility of the bralette. It can be worn as innerwear or outerwear wear. One of my favourite looks is a bralette worn as a top with a jacket. Styled with high-waist jeans or leggings.

We love backless dresses or tops but finding a bra to wear with it can be tricky. A cute strappy bralette is an easy way to add a sexy twist to the look.

When wearing sheer or lacy tops, a bralette is a great alternative to a bra.

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