Nkuli Mlangeni, founder of The Ninevites. Picture: Supplied.
As the fifth collaborator in a series of eight, Nkuli Mlangeni of The Ninevites has created a bespoke rug for the Trenery Guild. 

Mlangeni, award-winning textile designer and the founder of The Ninevites opens the new season of The Trenery Guild with a handwoven rug inspired by the brand’s September collection.

Created with 100% wool and hand-dyed yarns, the Trenery Guild x The Ninevites rug is a geometric play of salmon, sage, and sante-colours referenced in the new season range. 

Production of the new Trenery x Ninevites rug. Picture: Supplied. 

“Mlangeni has an infectious passion for quality craftsmanship and premium natural processes that is evident throughout her creative processes. 

“It is incredibly rewarding to watch young people get excited about traditional crafting techniques. Whether they’re telling cultural stories or creating entirely new aesthetics, there’s this creation of visual language that is being complemented by expert craftsmanship,” says Jane Grimme, Trenney Head of Design. 

Nkuli Mlangeni. Picture: Supplied. 

The Trenery x Ninevites rug will officially launch on August 25 at Trenery stand-alone store in Sandton City.