Fanny packs made a huge come back as one of the best accessory. Picture: Instagram.
Fashion trends don’t usually emerge, they evolve. 

Most of the fashion trends that are in today are not something new but rather old styles that made a comeback with a modern twist. 

Bell bottoms and flare pants

Bell bottoms became fashionable in the 1960s in Europe before spreading worldwide. These pants which look like a bell from the knees going downwards have since made a huge comeback as flare pants and are trending. They are best worn with cropped tops to reveal the figure. 

Kendall Jenner rocking bell bottoms with a cropped top. Picture: Pinterest. 

Leg warmers

Popular in the ‘80s, leg warmers were usually worn by ballet dancers and have since made a comeback as a fashion accessory for those who know how to bend the fashion rules. Leg warmers are socks which only cover the knees down to the ankle. They are best worn with a miniskirt and tights underneath. 

Fanny pack

Known as the moon bag, the fanny pack was common in the '80s, mostly used by joggers and kids. More recently, they have become one of the best accessories for those on the move. Fanny pack goes with anything and can either be worn around the waist or shoulders, depending on your style. 

Kim Kardashian rocking a fanny pack. Picture: Instagram. 

Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts date from way back in the 20s  when they were worn with blouses. And today, these skirts are mostly worn by the youth and since it’s winter, the best way is to pair them with a polo neck and sharp nose boots. 

Witchery metallic pleated skirt. Picture: Instagram.