Dreezy in SavagexFenty lingerie. Picture: Instagram.
Singer Tinashe as well as rapper Dreezy have both joined the SavagexFenty team as brand ambassadors. 

Tinashe and Dreezy join Normani, who was named the brand's first ambassador by Rihanna. 

"Normani is the perfect choice for a Savage X Ambassador. She exudes confidence and power. Everything she does is executed with passion and the belief she’s going to kill it. That’s why people gravitate towards her," reportedly said Rihanna. 

To make a grand entrance in the SavagexFenty family, Tinashe and Dreezy shared snaps of themselves in sexy lingerie. 

In other news, Tinashe recentky dropped a single, 'Save Room For Us' which is is the number 1 song on the R&B iTunes chart. 

Dreezy on the other hand, who is part of Dreamville has been nominated for the Grammy's for the 'Got Me' song which features her, Ty Dolla Sign, Ari Lennox and Omen.