Cateye glasses must be left in 2018. Picture: Pinterest.
This year has been so long, we saw many trends come to life and after being overworn, it would be best to leave them in 2018. 

African Proverb T-shirts

African Proverb quotes are no longer cool they must be cancelled. The most popular one is “Ungenaphi," which is directed at people who can’t mind their own business. We’ve seen enough it and may we not see it in 2019 please, wear it when you go to sleep where no one can see it. 

We are tired of being the asked the same question in every corner we turn. Picture: Instagram. 

Cat eye sunglasses

Whoah! We’ve seen how "fly" you look in those cat eye sunglasses but you do know that there are other better shapes right? Try them on for a better and unique look. 

Thanks, guys, but we want to see better now. Picture: Pinterest. 

Fanny pack

Braam kids are probably going to hate me for this but there’s a better way to “drip” than wearing a fanny pack all the damn time! Ever heard of mini buckets and round bags? Now that’s where the swag is at. 

You don't have to carry this everywhere you go. Picture: Pinterest.