Beautiful gothic look. Picture: Instagram
Everyone has a different taste when it comes to fashion. There are those who love being bright and colourful, and those who just want to slay in the dark, the gothic. 

Gothic fashion is style marked by black clothes, coloured hair, smokey eyes and usually coloured or black lips. It is mostly worn by Goth subculture members and to celebrate them, we take a look at some of our top five favourite gothic looks. 

Combat boots

I’d be lying if I said I’ve ever seen someone slaying the gothic look. Most Goths prefer combat boots and they know how to rock them for days. For a smart casual look, combat boots can be worn with black denim and matching hoodie. 

Cute all-black outfit. Picture: Instagram @grungestyle. 

Coloured hair

What’s a goth without some dramatic hair? Noir Negina, a makeup artist from New York slays goth hair like crazy. If she’s not wearing it in black, then it's popping colours like purple and green.  The green hair with matching lipstick and eyeliner is one of our favourites. A perfect look to glow at a night out. 

Noir Negina rocking insomniac hair. Picture: Instagram @noir.negina. 

Fishnet stockings

If I didn’t know better, I would say goth girls invented fishnet stockings because they rock them better than most people. Whether worn as a top, with pants, or as gloves, they always know how to mix and match fishnet stockings. Our favourite look is when worn with a miniskirt - perfect for an outing with the girls. 

Cute miniskirts with stockings. Picture: Instagram @grungestyle. 

Smokey eyes

Any gothic look is incomplete without the smokey eyes. Popping eye makeup makes one looks fierce and Cassandra, a makeup lover from Sweden knows how to slay smokey eyes. 

Perfect smokey eyes. Picture: Instagram @girlxnterrupted. 

Excessive jewellery

Accessorising is of part of the Goth culture because their looks are never complete without a bit of jewellery. If it’s not piercings then it’s finger rings. Makeup artist and model, Sandra Clemente is our favourite when it comes to goth accessories. Her tattoos match her rings so well. 

Cool accessories. Picture: Instagram @sandrarclemente.