Sun visor's are back. (Pic: mr.marco.fu/Instagram)

Love them or hate them, the sun visor is back. Yes, those caps we associate with olden days blackjack dealers, little old ladies or tennis players. 

In transparent tinted hues it was big in the ’70s. Just as we see the fanny pack making a comeback, you can now wear your visor to match.

We love a sun visor because it protects your face from the sun, yet you don’t have to cover up your hair.

Great for ladies with big curly hair or braided styles. The 2017 version of this retro cap now comes in a variety of styles, textures and prints.

Here are our top five picks:

From Mr Price

Striped canvas visor from Mr Price. Pinstripes never date, so this one’s a keeper.

From Woolworths

Wide brim visor from Woolworths. Perfect for those who want a bit more cover.

From Crystal Birch

SUPERvisors by Crystal Birch. These come in a variety of vibrant colours to brighten up any outfit.

From Mimco

Straw visor from Mimco. This lightweight visor cleverly rolls up to a petite size. Perfect for travelling.

From Woolworths

Aztec print visor from Woolworths: Love the classic retro shape and alice band style on this one. The aztec print is a bonus.