Model Kendall Jenner. Picture: Instagram
Model Kendall Jenner. Picture: Instagram
Actress Leititia Wright Picture: Instagram
Actress Leititia Wright Picture: Instagram

Although the Met Gala calls for ostentatious and extravagant gowns for the ‘Heavenly bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’ themed evening, some celebrities were either extremely overwhelmed or underwhelmed at this year’s gala dinner.

10. A$AP Ferg and partner Renel Laice - there is nothing here about heavenly bodies, apart from A$AP Ferg's ornately designed loafers.

9. Kate Moss - just no.

Supermodel Kate Moss Picture: Instagram

8. Ruby Rose - while there was a romantic interpretation with her dress, the dress looks like it is wearing her, and let's not discuss her hair.

Actress Ruby Rose. Picture: Instagram

Honorable Mention: Salma Hayek - she must have forgotten about the theme and chose her own theme

Actress Salma Hayek- Pinault. Picture: Instagram

7. Claire Danes - a let down from her previous successful outfits for the MET Gala 

Actress Claire Danes Picture: Instagram

6. Lili Reinhart - the rest of her dress got torn and styled as a train 

Actress Lili Reinhart Picture: Instagram

5. Doutzen Kroes - I don’t get the link between the MET Gala’s theme and her dress

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes Picture: Instagram

4. The Kardashian - Jenner clan - All four of them could wear these outfits at any other event but here

Honourable mention: Grimes - the punk theme for the MET Gala was three years ago

Billionaire Elon Musk and musician Grimes Picture: Instagram

3. Amal and George Clooney - they just did not come to the party 

Amal and George Clooney Picture: Instagram

2. Letitia Wright - although paying homage to Ethiopian priest robes, she looks like a schoolgirl in her grandmother’s dress

Actress Leititia Wright Picture: Instagram

1. Migos - they could have at least gone as the disciples, and not in whatever this is