Home wear is oh so comfortable. Picture: Pexels
Home wear is oh so comfortable. Picture: Pexels

Transform your lockdown wear to going out wear

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Jun 3, 2020

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As I sit at my home office desk and watch people go by on the busy road, it's abundantly clear that lockdown restrictions have been lifted. In fact it looks like there are no restrictions at all. 

Because I work from home, I rarely leave the house. I only do so when it’s absolutely necessary. I’m petrified of contracting the virus because of what it could do to my family and myself so I only leave home to do grocery shopping or if I need to get medication. 

The other reason I tend to avoid going out is because I find the mere thought of actually getting out of my home wear into going out wear, daunting. 

My at-home wear is simply a track pants or pajama bottom with a T-shirt and sliders. Sometimes socks and sliders. 

I wish I could simply head out as is, I’ve heard of many people doing so, but that just isn’t me. 

So when I need to go to the stores I would stand in front of my wardrobe and just stare at it in the hope that something remotely decent would pop out. 

I look at my stack of jeans and dismiss them immediately because my no exercise and all day snacking body will definitely not go into them right now. 

I look at my dresses that have been neglected and initially think that wearing a dress again would be great. But then I look down at my legs that now look like animals fur and immediately scrap that idea.

I usually end up wearing work pants and a T-shirt. That’s the best I can do - my go-to outfit. Even then I feel uncomfortable and can't wait to get back home to slip back into comfort. 

I recently told myself that I can’t continue like this; that there has to be a way to combine at-home comfort with going out in style. 

First of all. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a good quality track pants. Invest in a few that don’t look like slouchy untidy PJs. Keep the colours neutral and stay away from prints.

Have you seen how Kim Kardashian West rocks hers? 

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That’s the look you can go for. 

Dress them up with a plain T-shirt and white sneakers. 

Add a black leather biker jacket for a rock chic vibe.

If you’re more of a chilling at home in leggings person, your leggings can easily be transformed. 

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Oversized shirts and leggings, comfy weekend wear. I’ve done my top 10 on blue shirts over on stories, loads of inspiration for how to style the blue shirt too, which can be applied to any shirt to be honest. I’m wearing an oversized men’s shirt from @hm I bought whilst pregnant. The leggings are the warmest, comfiest leggings I own. It’s a velvet look and has a subtle snake print on them, unfortunately old from @topshop . Boots are my most worn boots @carvelaofficial gifted via @shoeaholics . . . . . . . . #oversizedshirt #weekendattire #weekendwear #overthirtystyle #styleover30 #casualstyle #mystyle #sundaystyle #stylemesunday #whowhatwearing #pinkshirt #whowhatwear #leggingsstyle #leggings #streetstyle #dailystyle #discoverunder15k #laceupboots #mylook #simplestyle #shirtlook #stylinginspiration #instainspo

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One of the simplest ways to dress up leggings is to throw on a white (or black) T-shirt with an oversized black blazer. Add some gold accessories like fine necklaces and hoop earrings and you're ready to hit the shops. 

A classic black blazer is a must-have. Wearing it over just about any outfit instantly transforms a look. 

An oversized “boyfriend” crisp white shirt will come in handy when you want to give those T-shirts a break.

It’s winter so bring out those beautiful coats and chunky knits. They can hide those PJs you didn’t want to get out of. 

So with just a few adjustments we don't have to give up at-home comfort, yet keep classy when we go out.

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