90s street style is taking over in 2020. Picture: Pinterest.
90s street style is taking over in 2020. Picture: Pinterest.

Trend alert: Fashion focus on ’90s nostalgia

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Feb 12, 2020

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From velvety brown lipstick to bold lip liner and portions of hair twisted and secured with butterfly clips, we’re seeing 90s references all over, from high-fashion runways to retro devices.

If you grew up during the 90s you’ll fondly look back on it as a carefree time in your life. When The Spice Girls ruled the radio and the slang from Clueless was all the rage. 

According to the Pinterest Hot 100 list, as Millennial's are getting older, they’re becoming more nostalgic about their childhood through reliving fond memories and bonding over shared experiences. Meanwhile, Gen Z, the next group to take over, is delving head first into 90s culture for the first time. Whether it’s through ruffling through old magazines, watching 90s sitcoms or being inspired by that iconic era of pop culture, they’re putting their own twist on the trends to make it their own. So put on your orange tinted shades, grab your Walkman and start living like it’s 1990. 

The biggest 90s trends for 2020:

90s cartoons (+227%)

Get ready for reboots: Classic 90s toons are filling up TV lineups or being given a reboot with a fresh new plot to keep you enticed. 

90s parties (+322%)

90s-themed parties are big for 2020, so get your getup ready. From the music to the decor - hanging garlands of CDs, boy band posters and bean bags - to the food - all your favourite childhood snacks - we’re livin’ la vida 90s.  

Grunge fashion (+292%)

This low-key style is riding high. Think combat boots, flannels and oversized outerwear. Or pair them with an animal print dress for a more dressed up look.

Lip gloss and liner (+144%)

Let your lips do the talking when it comes to 90s makeup. Go for a natural 90s inspired makeup look with shiny lip gloss, nude lip liner and maybe even a touch of glitter for a shimmering finish. 

Hair clips (+930%)

Butterfly, basic or pearl studded, hair clips add easy flair to your hair. From red carpets to formal dances, these clips are the fashion accessory you didn’t know were missing from your wardrobe. 

Braided hairstyles (+329%)

Braids of every kind are back in a big way, from red carpet events to the silver screen, we've been seeing them everywhere!

90s streetwear (+277%)

Rock track pants, sneakers, baby tees, cropped hoodies and beanies from city streets to suburban sidewalks. 

Scrunchies (+6309%)

Scrunchies are getting a makeover with lux materials (silk, velvet, leather, pearl beading) and fresh designs to keep flyaway hairs at bay in the most stylish of ways. 

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