Mismatched earrings are one of the biggest accessories trends for 2019. Picture: Instagram/ couverture

We all have a favourite pair of earrings that either has sentimental value or a vintage find you can’t replace. 

So it’s devastating when one of your precious possessions go missing.

The fact that you can no longer wear that one earring and that it just has to stay in your jewellery box never to be seen again is so disheartening. 

Thanks to the asymmetric trend, it’s now cool to wear mismatched earrings. 

Whether you browse Instagram and flip through your favourite magazines, this trend is everywhere.

Fashionistas are moving further away from anything conventional. From hair colours to way-out designs, it’s all about making a statement and expressing your individuality. 

With this mismatch trend, pretty much anything goes. 

There are those who would like to try it out but not bold enough to take it to the extreme. 

Not to worry. There’s a style for everyone. 

Even though the trend is all about mixing and matching, it works best when the earrings have a similar feel and design.

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If you’re going to wear a statement earring on the one side, then opt for a simple stud or loop on the other. 

For a more subtle take on the trend, you can go for earrings that have a similar design but different colours. Or you could try the exact same design with one stone or a different colour jewel.

Another obvious and not too dramatic option is to wear similar designs but different lengths. 

Regardless of how brave you are, don’t be afraid to get out that lonely earring and see how you can match it with what you have in your collection.