Stunning AFI Prive accessories. Picture: AFI.
Themed Afo-Asia, the African Fashion International Joburg Fashion Week  recently held at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg saw more than 30 global designers  showcase their latest collections.

The Raisina shade

Raisina stole the show with his  monochromatic collection filled with  accessories. From statement hats,  dramatic neck-pieces and stunning  sunglasses, he brought it all together  creating a fashion fantasy on the runway.

The Raisina shade. 

Csquared tassel earrings

Tassel earrings made a huge entry into  the fashion world and it seems like  they’re here to stay. Csquared used them  as one of the main accessories to bring
out all the drama in the Asian outfit.

Csquared tassel earrings. 

AFI Prive straw hat

A summer wardrobe is incomplete  without a straw hat. To live up to the  latest trends, AFI Prive presented straw  hats in a sophisticated way by pairing  them with elegant designs of formal  dresses and pleated skirts.

AFI Prive straw hat. 

Gele’s by Khosi Nkosi

A gele is a cabbage looking-like headwrap  commonly worn by women in  Western and Southern Africa. In their  collection of strictly African print dresses,
Khosi Nkosi included gele’s to the  fashion-forward yet traditional wife look.

Gele’s by Khosi Nkosi. 

Keyann bangles

For a classy woman who likes to keep it  smart and neutral, Keyann’s bangles are  a good way to add more flair to an outfit.

Keyann bangles. 

D.O.P.E bucket hats

Featured by Aero, D.O.P.E brought  pantsula to the runway with their street  style collection which included bucket  hats. A bucket hat is seasonal, even in  winter, the who’s and who’s of fashion  know how to rock it accordingly.

D.O.P.E bucket hats.