Shaakira Nalla in a simple modest look fit for an interview. Picture supplied.
Times have changed, so are the outfits that are suitable for an interview. Way back, neutral colours such as black and white were the "ultimate look" for an interview. Those boring days are one can be very fashion forward and still look elegant without being too formal.

Shaakira Nalla, fashion blogger shares a simple, yet fashionable modest look for an interview.
“We have moved away from the traditional office attire of black and white. The Fashion and beauty industry in South Africa is escalating, don't be left behind.

Although we are moving forward, it's very important to remember certain dress code ethics for the working environment and believe that within the corporate world, too much of skin showing should be avoided. Clothing should not be too tight or revealing because in most cases, it looks unprofessional,” said Nalla. “Regarding my look it's simple yet modern.

The dress is designed by lisha chotu and I've paired it with tights from H&M and heels from plum..the look is simple and classy and is comfortable enough to wear for a full day at work,” she added.
Modest fashion is becoming more popular, even more so than figure hugging clothing. Although some may perceive modest fashion as an “older person’s look”, that is not necessarily the case because it's perfect for all age groups and any body type. “Most people when they hear modest dressing they assume granny clothes, that is not true because it's fit for anyone regardless of their body shape and age. This look is a perfect example of how to dress professionally while staying trendy,” added Nalla.

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