Cardi B x Fashion Nova fashion collection. (Picture: Instagram)

Last night rapper Cardi B premiered her exclusive fashion collection she collaborated on with Fashion Nova at a star-studded party in Los Angeles. 

Within 24 hours all the pieces from the collection were sold out after they were made available online.

The star then took to Instagram to thank everybody for their support and for making her dreams come true. "SOLD OUT !!!! Thank you, everybody . This is amazing this is crazy !!"

Cari B hinted that there will another collection with her recent Instagram post. "SOLD OUT !!!! Will be back soon 😘😘THANK YOU !!!"

Cardi told Vogue, "I was thinking a lot about what would I wear in the fall time like we have a lot of jackets, we have a lot [of] dark colours, a lot of mustards, belting, a lot of blues. Nothing so bright. I love bright things but I was like, ‘I don’t think people want to wear a lot of bright sh*t in the wintertime.’”