The Buss It Challenge goes viral. Picture:
The Buss It Challenge goes viral. Picture:

WATCH: Here’s why the Buss It Challenge has gone viral

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Jan 8, 2021

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We’re only eight days into 2021 and some of us already feel tired.

January, after all, is known to be the longest month of the year.

It took just a few days for TikTokers to kick off the year with another catchy, and mildly raunchy, challenge.

We all love those transformation challenges.

Where ladies go from scraggly Cinderella to ready for ball Cinderella by, what actually looks like, a wave of a magic wand.

Add a catchy backing track, like Don’t Rush and Savage Love that’s now forever implanted in our brains, and you have an irresistible challenge.

The latest #BussItChallenge is one of those instant glow-up challenge with a raunchy twist.

The track that has the ladies gyrating is Buss It by rapper Erica Banks.

If you don’t know who she is or don’t know the track here’s a look at the music video and you’ll see the inspiration for this trending challenge that has now gone viral.

It’s a whole lot of twerking, none stop booty shakes, sweaty bodies and next to nothing outfits.

The #BussItChallenge starts with ladies wearing pj’s or sweats, messy hair and no make-up.

Then a split second later, with a booty drop, their hair and make-up is on point and sexy revealing outfits suitable for any rap video!

The trend has become a global hit.

Exactly what we need to inject some spark into what feels like a gloomy start to the year.

Here are a few of our favourite posts to get any one’s pulse racing:


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♬ Buss It - Erica Banks

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