Rouge. Picture: Instagram.
With music being a universal language, Levi’s has decided to use it for their Spring/Summer Campaign, United By the Beat

The campaign shows how music has a truly global reach, where people who make up international communities meet- be it on stage, in the crowd, backstage or with fans— to prove that no matter where you are, what you listen to, you are all united by the beat.

WATCH: How Rouge keeps it real with music

The sportswear range is inspired by the brand's archives and blends the best of the past with a modern edge—oversized silhouettes and logo-heavy graphics reign supreme. The brand ambassador is Rouge. 

Rouge is an award-winning female rapper from Pretoria. Her debut album dropped in September last year and was ranked number 1 on iTunes on the day of release. 

The new collection which is set to drop in September was inspired by hip-hop, skate, and streetwear.