Karlie Kloss.Picture: Supplied.
Iconic sports brand, Adidas has launched a new statement collection which was inspired by female athletes, including American supermodel, Karlie Kloss. 

This new capsule fitness collection designed to support women from sunrise yoga to happy HIIT offers stand-out looks curated for women who take a diverse approach to training and demand performance wear as versatile as they are. 

Your workouts are so fun and you're always trying different things. Do you have any specific go to's, and how does your routine change when you’re at home vs. on the road?

I try to add variation to my workouts to keep them fun and ensure I’m not overworking certain
Muscles. I usually do a mix of HIIT strength training and cardio, but I’ve recently been really into boxing — it doubles as an awesome stress reliever.

How has your approach to fitness changed since you first started modelling?

Fitness has always been a big part of my life. I was an avid ballet dancer growing up and was always involved in different sports. While my fitness routine has changed, I still approach it as a way to challenge myself and build self-confidence.

Karlie Kloss in the new adidas statement collection. 

Does your fitness regime fuel the way you create as a model and entrepreneur?

Definitely. Fitness is just as much about building your mental strength as it is your physical strength. I’ve found that the confidence I gain from accomplishing a new fitness goal carries over into my professional life. When I’m active, I feel more energized, focused and creative in my modelling and entrepreneurial projects.

Fashion is such a big part of how you express yourself. Is that the same for when you work out? What do you like to wear when training?

I see both fashion and sport as forms of self-expression. When I’m working out, I like to wear things that make feel confident but are also comfortable. That’s why I’m really excited about the Statement Collection--the pieces are stylish and easy to wear. One of my favourite items is the Heartracer jacket which is super cosy but also has chic features like a high collar and asymmetric zipper.