WATCH: TikToker wears see-through dress with no undies to restaurant, leaving people wondering why

Published Mar 20, 2023


Ladies, many of us have that one outfit we battle to find underwear for.

Whether it’s a low-back top that makes wearing a bra impossible or a skintight dress that will surely be ruined by a visible panty line, sometimes one is tempted to go without the pesky undies.

This TikToker decided her dress looked better sans underwear so she went commando.

What she did not realise was that the dress was see-through and her goods were on display.

Taking to TikTok, Isabella Carr posted a video of herself showing off the white-lace dress while covering her breasts, with the accompanying blurb, “When I thought everyone at the restaurant was staring at me because they couldn’t believe how hot I looked. But my dress was actually completely see-through and I wasn’t wearing underwear.”

Yep! She wore the dress to a restaurant.


This is the dress in question


The video has been viewed over 2 million times and has received almost 600K comments. Most people expressed disbelief that she would go to a restaurant wearing no undies.

Here’s what people had to say.

“I get it people cannot wear some at the top, but bro? The bottoms?” commented one user.

“No cuz who goes commando in a dress, that’s the first question,” said another.

“Damn I be wearing a tanktop and shorts if I wear a kind of see-through dress,” responded one viewer.

Since people had so much to say about her lack of underwear, she posted another video responding to all the haters.

In the clip, she says, “Listen, I wear underwear 99.9% of the time. I love underwear. But sometimes there’s a dress or a piece where you simply can’t because it will show. And if you want the piece to look perfect, you have to sacrifice your desire to wear underwear.”

She said that while she'd never go commando while wearing a short skirt or minidress, the white lace one was long and made of thick material.

@isabellacarr Replying to @catttiky ♬ original sound - isabellacarr

“So I was like, you know what, this is all good, everything is contained. I also didn’t realise it was see-through because I was getting dressed in a car because I was late to this dinner at this very nice Italian restaurant and I was very excited to look good so I was in a panic, in a rush. It wasn’t until I got to the restaurant and it was very bright lighting that I realised that I had f***** up. Okay?”