Founder Lorna Scott with the Inverroche Pioneers: Palesa Mokubung, Wandile Mabaso and Zizipo Poswa. Picture: Supplied
Founder Lorna Scott with the Inverroche Pioneers: Palesa Mokubung, Wandile Mabaso and Zizipo Poswa. Picture: Supplied

What luxury means to Inverroche Pioneers of the Present

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Apr 23, 2021

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What does African luxury mean to you?

Inverroche brand founder Lorna Scott collaborated with three incredible South African pioneers to create a short film titled Pioneers of the Present, celebrating the origins of creativity and capturing the essence of storytelling.

These three pioneers, award-winning ceramist Zizipo Poswa, fashion designer Palesa Mokubung and food artist chef Wandile Mabaso, are all producers of luxury quality products and are conscious of sustainability.

Scott has developed a reputation for being pioneering through her luxury artisanal gin label, sustainably crafted and proudly African in ethos and resourcing.

Lorna Scott. Picture: Supplied

Vusi Zion Twala, from Rudeboy Collective, directed the beautiful short film, which was conceptualised by Ntokozo Maseko, Roth Creative Director, while the voice-over was by Shado Twala.

We spoke to the three pioneers about what luxury means to them.

“It is an appreciation of the material, the process, the time it takes and paying high attention to sustainability” said ceramic artist Poswa.

Zizipo Poswa. Picture: Supplied

She continues by saying that by producing one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, ceramic art pieces inspired by her heritage and reflecting the richness of African culture, is how she shares her vision of what African luxury is.

Poswa shared the news that she was currently collaborating with fellow Pioneers Palesa and Wandile on her new project.

“I'm currently sketching my ideas. I will be producing a gin glass made from glass-blowing technique and incorporating a ceramic element” said the artist.

Chef Mabaso says that to him luxury means something that can elevate or transcend emotions through its influence, feel and aesthetics.

Wandile Mabaso. Picture: Supplied

“I believe in this fast-paced world of technology, luxury products will be items that are man-made by hand. Where you can feel the intensity of the product through the craftsman's hand-made textures. Luxury will always be rare, or almost impossible to find,” says the Michelin star chef.

Talking about how he shares his vision of African luxury with the world, he says: “I am continuously trying to better myself and elevate my craft. I use the techniques I have learned and new ones that I discover to refine or reinvent South African cuisine.”

“I create a multi-sensory experience that tells our story as modern Africans. I use food to evoke emotions, emotions that you cannot find anywhere else regardless of price. That is a luxurious feeling. Not all African luxury has to be tangible.”

Palesa Mokubung. Picture: Supplied

“Luxury for me means sophistication and exclusivity, and anything that is one-of-a-kind that is inspired and carries a unique touch,” says well-known South African designer Mokubung.

“I share my vision of what African luxury is through my unique designs and textile prints, which are sophisticated and exclusive, often inspired by my culture and heritage” she adds.

She talks about her experience with the Inverroche brand saying: “Part of being a member of the Inverroche family is that they take you through gin school where you learn the process of making gin, and even have the opportunity to create your own gin using a ray of selected botanicals. This process made me realise the authenticity of the brand - and that is always inspiring.”

Watch the Inverroche Pioneers of the Present short film

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