Witchery Spring campaign 2017. Picture: Supplied
This season Witchery has launched the exclusive Limited Edition collection. The range provides a luxurious designer option for the Witchery woman, enabling her to choose high-fashion silhouettes in elevated fabrications while maintaining the core Witchery aesthetic. The collection aids in bridging the gap between mid-market and designer wear, offering a modern, sophisticated luxe.

Each item in the collection is individually numbered, further heightening its exclusivity and desirability, while allowing customers to know exactly which number of the range is in their possession. This collection provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase limited collector’s items, as the designs are unique in number, not to be repeated.

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The collection’s colour palette of dusty pale pink, cool icy blue and milky white, is in line with seasonal runway trends adding an elevated, editorial look to the garments. Leather, silk and milano are among the premium fabrications used throughout the collection, and many pieces contain hand-crafted details and finishes. The exotic floral print that appears throughout Limited Edition is oriental in origin, designed exclusively in-house. Floral patterns are a key element in Witchery’s DNA, and though this print is inimitably unique, its floral aspect is comfortingly familiar to the Witchery woman.

Concertina pleating is another key feature in the collection, appearing on waistlines, necklines and as shoulder detailing. Each ornate pleat has been hand-crafted and hand-pressed, strengthening the premium, designer feel of the collection. Pale pink was a prominent trend on the runways, and has been interpreted in this collection to add a feminine touch to otherwise androgynous pieces such as the leather biker jacket and structured blazer.

The leather biker jacket is soft to the touch and features brushed silver hardware. It appeals to our fashion-forward customer not only for its high-impact style, and soft blush hue, but also for its comfort and versatility. With the introduction of Limited Edition, Witchery welcomes a new age for the brand. By offering a collection which caters to the dressier, more refined needs of Witchery women we move closer to creating a complete, wellrounded lifestyle offering appropriate for every customer.