Kendall Jenner models the latest Skims thong. Picture: Instagram
Kendall Jenner models the latest Skims thong. Picture: Instagram

Women respond to Kendall Jenner modelling micro thong: ’Are they marketing eye patches as underwear now?’

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Feb 15, 2021

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As a full figure, 40-something mom of three, with wobbly thighs and sagging bottom, my time for skimpy outfits and barely-there lingerie has long come and gone.

So when model Kendall Jenner’s latest Instagram post popped up on my Instagram feed, I almost choked on the choc-chip cookie I was snacking on.

First of all her tall, lean, toned body with legs that go on forever, is already a vision to behold. How “perfect” can a human possibly be?

But it was the microscopic thong she was wearing that got me.

The red tiny thong is part of sister Kim Kardashian’s latest Skims range that she launched for Valentine’s Day.

I jumped onto the Skims Instagram page where I came face to coochie with a super close-up of the minute panties.

The caption, “Made from our beloved Fits Everybody fabric” had me in stitches.

“Fits Everybody” they say? Does everybody have Jenner’s unbelievably perfect body?

Looking - no staring - at the image, I couldn’t help but wonder how the hell that “pantie” stays up, who does her hair removal and where is her coochie hiding?

Then I thought, how would I possibly look in something like? Not that I have the guts to wear something like, but for a moment I tried to picture myself in it.

In response to one of my Twitter posts regarding the Skims micro thong in which I which I said, “If I had to wear this it would disappear between my rolls. Does it come with double sided tape?” I discovered that I wasn’t the only woman wondering the same thing.

Many women commented on the fact that it was so small that it certainly wouldn’t cover their entire lady bits.

Here are a few of the responses from the “real” women out there:

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