La Vie en Rose lingerie. Picture: Supplied.

Women’s secret  is available at Zando in three moments: La Vie en Rose, Serene Beauty and Vintage Spirit. La Vie en Rose is a sensuous palette of romantic styles that has perfect combinations of textures, such as ribbed (a must this fall), and pastel color in the ‘mix and match’ collection.

La Vie en Rose collection. Picture: Supplied.

Serene Beauty, which is cosy elegance in delicate textures has the power duo of versatile garments with the charm of soft textiles. This is the renewal of “homewear” collection in solid colours.

Also on the collection is the delicate yet powerful and provocative Vintage Spirit. This collection is in its autumnal colours, with country inspiration and vintage touches. It consists of high panties, dual garments, warm colours and fresh prints. Women’s secret, specializing in women’s inner wear is designed for women who are cosmopolitan, natural, feminine and sensual.

Sleepwear by Women's Secret. Picture: Supplied.

The collection is now available on Zando.