Kendall Jenner. Picture: Instagram.
Kendall Jenner. Picture: Instagram.
Ashley Graham. Picture: Instagram.
Ashley Graham. Picture: Instagram.
It's always the designers who get all the shine forgetting that it’s actually the models who make clothes look good. 

Any garment is just a piece of clothing until the model makes it what exactly it is, a hot couture or whatever it may be. 

Models are not just dolls who show off clothing, they’re actual people with real jobs and get paid for it. In fact, most of them make more money than people with corporate jobs and these are the top 10 paid models worldwide. 

1. Kendall Jenner @kendalljenner

American Model and reality TV star, Kendall Jenner is the youngest and highest paid model in the world. At just 23, Jenner gets a whopping $22 million annually. She has walked for Victoria Secret, Versace, graced the cover of top magazines including Elle and has over 99 million followers on Instagram.

Kendall Jenner. 

2. Gisele Bündchen @gisele

Gisele Bündchen is a Brazilian model and actress. Since 2004, Bündchen has been among the highest-paid models in the world and is currently ranked second, making of $17.5 million annually from modelling. She has graced the cover of Vogue magazine several times and is sitting on over 14 million followers on Instagram. 

Gisele Bündchen. 

3. Chrissy Teigen @chrissyteigen

American model and author, Chrissy Teigen is currently the third paid model in the world and makes about  $13.5 million a year. Her entry to the industry was via Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue back in 2010 and the rest is history. She currently has over 21 million followers on Instagram. 

 Chrissy Teigen. 

4. Adriana Lima @adrianalima

Brazilian model and actress, Adriana Lima is one of the best models who has been running the game. Ranked as the forth paid model by making $10.5 million a year, Lima has been part of big campaigns such as being a spokesmodel for Maybelline cosmetics since 2003 and walking for Victoria Secret for over 18 years. She’s sitting on over 12 million followers on Instagram. 

Adriana Lima.

5. Gigi Hadid @gigihadid

Gigi Hadid is an American model who managed to make her mark within a short space of time. After joining the industry in 2013, by November 2014 she was already on the list of Top 50 Models ranked by She makes about $9.5 million annually and has been named the International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council in 2016. She has over 44 million followers on Instagram. 

Gigi Hadid. 

6. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley @rosie.huntington

English model, actress, designer, and businesswoman, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is an all-rounder who needs no introduction. Better known for her sterling job at Victoria Secret, this 31-year-old is currently ranked the 6th paid model in the world, earning $9.5 million with only 38 thousand followers on Instagram. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

7. Karlie Kloss @karliekloss

Karlie Kloss is an American model who was  Victoria Secret’s angel from 2011 until 2015. She earns $9 million yearly and is sitting on 7.8 million followers on Instagram. 

Karlie Kloss. 

8. Liu Wen @liuwenlw

Liu Wen is a Chinese model who was named China’s first bona fide supermodel by New York Times in 2012. Like many supermodels, she has also been one of Victoria Secret’s angel and has graced the cover on Vogue magazine. She earns $6.5 million a year and has over 4 million Instagram followers. 

Liu Wen.

9. Bella Hadid @bellahadid

Isabella Hadid is walking in her sister’s shoes, Gigi Hadid. She’s ranked the 9th paid model, earning $6 million yearly. The blonde beauty was voted her "Model of the Year" for's Model of the Year 2016 Awards and has over 21 million followers on Instagram. 

Bella Hadid. 

10. Ashley Graham @ashleygraham

Ashley Graham is an American plus-size model whose career started at a tender age of 13 when she used to appear in adverts and catalogues. From then, she has grown tremendously, appearing on the cover of fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, and Elle. Her yearly earnings are $5.5 million and she has over 7 million followers on Instagram. 

Ashley Graham

Source: Forbes list World’s Highest-Paid Models 2017.

Pictures: Instagram.