Daily Grind collection allows you to revamp your minimalist look with special attention to a tailored finish. PICTURE: Supplied

Embrace a collection made to provoke and excite the modern individual. 

Smokey eyed and slicked to perfection, Autumn 17 with Zando unravels rich layers of bold femininity. Launched on the 7 March 2017, they’re here and they’re unashamedly style unrestricted. 

“We are super excited about the transitional launch. It is adaptable to a variety of our customers with a few surprises sprinkled in-between. Trends showcase complete opposites, from the Dark mood of smoking hot velvets and suedes to a Goth flair colliding with sportswear with a then lighter, more feminine workwear slant, says Michele Keytel Head of Purchasing at Zando.

Daily Grind

Revamp your minimalist look with special attention to a tailored finish. These inventive intricacies are the elements that take Daily Grind to new heights. Wrap it, loop it and fasten, it’s the interesting detail and finer fabrication that make this trend come to life. “Put special attention on your blush coloured apparel this season with just a hint of structure to your look – you can’t go wrong,” says Michele. 


Darkness descends on Athleisure, giving it a much needed makeover. A union of sports luxe with a softcore steampunk twist, invites your inner rebel to indulge in a look comprised of leatherette skinnies and biker jackets - topped with a deeply muted knit.

Urban Explorer 

Somewhat revived, athletic inspired leisurewear is here to stay! The Urban Explorer infuses boyish trends with womanly appeal and embraces comfort wear. Turn to lavish sneakers, neutral bombers and military inspired apparel to jog this fashion trend through to its starting line. 


An amalgamation of the ‘Romantics’ finest brought forth into the modern age, the Renaissance trend infuses the softness in femininity with fearless experimentation of colour, shapes and textures. Opulent hues embody the core whilst sultry, smooth and rich velvets provide the finer details for this ultimate classic revival.