Bonang makes a statement with these oversized mirror sunglasses. (Picture: Instagram)

Outdoors or in, daytime or night, sunglasses have become more of a fashion statement and an essential accessory piece rather an optical solution to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. 

Celebrities are known for wearing their sunglasses at any time of the day. 

Whether it's to make a fashion statement or hide from the paparazzi. None the less they are influential when it comes to sunglasses trends.

Here are a few celeb sunglasses we love and where to shop their look.

Beyoncé: The cat-eye is a classic shape that's made a major comeback. We've seen various spin-offs of the basic shape including clear frames and colour tinted lenses. Sizes varying from micro to oversize. Regardless of design or shape, it continues to be a trend that will carry on into 2019.

Beyoncé shows that cat eye sunglasses will always remain a classic. (Picture: Instagram)

Shop the look: Miu Miu by Luxottica,  R3590

Bonang: Our very Queen B rocked these oversized flat top mirrored lens sunnies, during New York Fashion Week. Bonang isn’t the only celeb who’s loving these reflective sunglasses right now. Apart from the futuristic sporty sunglasses, Kim Kardashian has been spotted hiding behind frameless mirror glasses which are often bigger than her bikini bottom.

Bonang makes a statement with these oversized mirror sunglasses. (Picture: Instagram)

Shop the look: Prada Linea Rossa by Luxottica, R3690

Kim Kardashian: There’s always that one item you hear people say, “I will never wear that”. Then a celeb wears it and it becomes an instant "must-have". The sportswear sunglasses are now having a moment. Usually strictly reserved for cyclists and skiers, the sporty glasses have become the sunglass equivalent of the ugly-chic trend. Futuristic designs with colour mirror lenses, these sunglasses have been favoured by other celebs like Rihanna and Bella Hadid.

Kim Kardashian loves the sports sunglasses so much she even has a pair for daughter North. (Picture: Instagram)

Shop the look: Oakley Prizm by Luxottica, R2990

Moozlie: It’s appropriate that rapper and television presenter, Moozlie, would bring Notorious B.I.G legendary black shape back. The late rapper was never without his black Versace shades which featured the infamous gold Medusa emblem on the sides. 21 years after his death, Versace is bringing back the sunglasses he made famous. 

Moozlie pays tribute to late rapper Notorious B.I.G with these black shades. (Picture: Instagram)

Shop the look: Versace by Luxottica, R3290. (Not yet available in SA)

Khanyi Mbau: Bedazzled frame sunnies are once again taking centre stage in all their shimmering glory. Whether it’s a small round shape or oversized square, the more dazzle the better. From rhinestones to pearls your choices are endless.

Khanyi Mbau (Picture: Instagram)

Shop the look: Versace by Luxottica, R3990