Worn up or down, your hair frames your face. (Picture: Pixabay)

How have you left the house with your hair in a mess simply because you've run out time? The working mom would know that sometimes getting your hair up into a decent looking bun can be a challenge.

Stylist Wendy Hind from Chata Romano offers this advice on how you can simplify your hair routine and actually leave the house looking half decent.

"Worn up or down, your hair frames your face and needs some attention in the morning’’ says Hind.

As a busy working mom you’ll probably have 5-10 minutes (or less!) in the morning allocated for hair. Ask your hairdresser for some quick and easy up-styles that won’t make you look like you have just stepped out of the bath! 

You will need a good comb/brush, pins, clips, see-through hairbands and hairspray. You’ll save yourself a lot of time in the morning by learning the art of plaiting, twisting, and scooping. Forget the flat iron for daily usage, it damages your hair and dulls the colour – it should only be used for special occasions.

Learn how to create easy styles. (Picture: Pixabay)